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Sustainability is a matter of heart for us

We are always working on being a role model for our guests and in some sections,
we are forerunners. We have established many things in the last few years.



Many of our pieces for example tables, beds, garderobes are made from “taubertal woods”, designed from Alexander and built by our own carpenter and are oiled with organic fluid- it could not get more natural: And this you can feel!


Now our rooves are producing enough energy for 36 households, that means we not only provide for ourselves but also for others. 2012 the energy network was prepared that the battery technique can be applied as soon as there is an economic useful battery at hand.


We heat with renewable materials such as wood scraps and the power of the sun. (solar thermal energy).


We collect rainwater to water the riding halls, as well as the whole ocean of flowers and plants on the farm with one 250.000-liter tank and one 100.000-liter tank. The swimming pound regenerates itself fully biological and the water is natural spring water. If necessary, the cistern will also help. Since 2014 all horses have been given rain or spring water. They prefer this instead of water from the tab.

Animal fodder

Since 2018 we have been officially working completely organic. Since then our horses get organic fodder as well: Hay, oat, plant oil.


In the section cereal cropping we had cultivated barley, rye, wheat rape until 2012 and before also corn, sugar beets and peas ourselves. Since 2013 this area is leased to a farmer who for this reason gives us back the litter to litter down the stables for our horses. If someone is interested in to experience agriculture live and wants to ride a tractor Alexander will gladly make this happen.

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