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Holiday with horse

Take a trip with your loved ones, if 2 or 4- legged

Your animals are welcome any time.

Together a team

Horse owners, that want to spend quality time with their animals and just spend their vacation or recover, will find a suiting atmosphere with us. Our facility offers friendly guest boxes, where your horse will become the best care: all horses are fed with pure organic fodder- we work biological. More information. Farm & Sustainability.
If for vacation, weekend seminar, tournament training or full riding, we offer different trainings for horse and rider, to develop as a team.

The delightful landscape invites nature lovers for relaxed ridings out. The indoor hall and the spacious outdoor area offer the ideal opportunity to work concentrated with your horse as well- fitting your personal needs.
Also grant your animal friend some wellness: osteopathy with Uli for your horse, see below.

Riding lessons private horse DayMonthly rate
Private lesson 50 min 47 € 188 €
Two- party lesson 50 min 30 € 120 €
Private lesson 30 min: ground techniques/ Sitting lesson 27 € 108 €
Service for your horsedayMonthly rate
Horse pension straw/ litter 17 € 390 €
Horse pension strands 24 € 460 €
Is dropped, if the riding lessons from us are used + 5 € Facility usage
Private lesson5 days a week (monthly rate)
First Riding 26,50 € 425 €